How to install Prisma on your Nextjs Project

To correctly install Prisma on idx it is necessary to have the openssl package installed.

packages = [


npm install prisma -D
npm install @prisma/client

Remember that you may have problems in the schema:

My solution to the problem “P1001
“Can’t reach database server at {database_host}:{database_port} Please make sure your database server is running at {database_host}:{database_port}.””

It was creating a new database and leaving only DATABASE_URL=“postgres:/ /postgres.[your-supabase-project]:[password]@aws-0-[aws-region]”

instead of leaving “:6543/postgres”

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Thanks for the share @Rodrigo_Schaddai_Her. We are looking into shipping a few templates that make setting up a local database in IDX easier. Prisma is on our list of things to potentially ship a starting point for.