Unable to Access Expo React Native Project URL

I’ve set up my React Native project with Expo, but I’m having trouble accessing the project using the provided URL exp:// how can I access it on my expo go app

Try running the code with by adding the command to run your program into here (replace the python part), you have to set the port of your program to $PORT

previews = {
      enable = true;
      previews = {
        web = {
          command = ["python3" "-m" "http.server" "$PORT" "--bind" ""];
          manager = "web";

npx expo start --tunnel

use the --tunnel flag. It should help expose the url.


And then click the IDX menu on the left side panel, and on the bottom copy the url that matches the port that the client server is running on.

Thank you. it worked

Thank you. it worked.


Always brother. Just be careful, it’s powerful stuff.

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thank you it’s worked in new project, but do you know why is not worked when i import a project from github ?