Can we make sudo work or extend user access?

Any chance we can have sudo work?

sudo: /etc/sudo.conf is owned by uid 65534, should be 0
sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

I am able to compile repos from source but some of them require to write to specific locations. For example neovim even if compiled to a non-default location (which does not require sudo normally) would try to write to man which our normal user does not have access to (maybe oversight?).

same problem here… I can’t use docker

yes please +1​​​​​​​​

Have you tried enabling Docker in the dev.nix file, then create a Debian container where you have root access?

That should allow you to compile anything supported by the platform.

@DRKolev Unfortunately currently sudo won’t help you write to directories outside of /home as most of them are mounted as read-only into the IDX environment. We may relax that in the future, but it’s not currently planned

To help me understand your use-case better, what are you trying to achieve with building neovim from source? Are you working on neovim itself inside IDX or do you want to use neovim in IDX(which you can do by adding pkgs.neovim to your dev.nix file)?

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@nathfavour As @Gartz mentioned above, we have support for docker out of the box, it just needs to be enabled by adding the following line into your dev.nix:

{ pkgs, ... }: {
  # ...
  services.docker.enable = true;

After this you can use docker run etc.

@Vova Hey. Sorry, I missed your question.

I was building it from source to see if I could replicate my usual work setup using nvim nightly. The rest I was able to achieve by hiding the UI of VSCode and leaving only its prompt with nvim open. Is there a reason for the restrictions?