Debug Preview Command

Hi, currently im trying to running some repos in the idx with various project from backend, frontend, and monorepo. I always struggling with debugging on previews script. Is there any way to debug that? or like to show where the error which is makes it wont running and showing blinking white screen?

Ah i also want to ask about if i running the docker then how to access the docker port? For example i runing docker compose in monorepo then frontend in port 8000 and backend in 5000 and some flutter project. How to showing fe and swagger in be in different emuator?


Hi @Avei , you can see the preview logs in the IDX output channel

To enable docker in your workspace you can add the following line to your dev.nix file:

services.docker.enable = true;

As for determining the url of services running inside docker compose, first make sure that the relevant ports are exposed in your docker-compose.yaml file, then use the IDX side panel to naviage to services running on those exposed ports: