Increase project storage space

Hello! Firstly, thank you for this great IDE it is awesome!

I saw that a project has around 10 GB available of working space. But for python projects this is sometimes too little. I am not too good with the linux os, so there may be more space that I could use and I don’t know, but for the home directory where my project is, I found out that this was the allocated space. Is it possible to increase the storage space of a project and how may I do that? Or is there another directory that I could use for more storage space in my project?
I have searched in the documentation of the IDE or on the internet, but I could not find an answer.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Tiberiu_Danciu - we currently don’t provide a way to have more storage space! This is something we’ll look into and (hopefully) have more to share in the near future.


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I understand.

Thank you for your reply :smile:

Just out of curiosity. How much storage space would you like to have available out of the box?

Well for that project I think 20-30 GB would have been enough. It was a project where I worked with a big pdf file, around 700 MB. I had to split it in smaller parts and do some OCR. The python packages, I think, got the biggest part of the storage space. When I tried to use easyOCR I had found out that I hadn’t enough space anymore to get all the needed packages.

I don’t know if this would be possible, but it would be great if we could have an option to use our google drive storage for bigger projects like this

Like google drive storage or above

That is certainly an interesting idea to expand your storage with capacity from Google Drive. We’ll look into that.

In the interim, we’ll also explore what it may take to increase the amount of default storage space to something larger like 30GB.

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I think it’s 5 GB not 10.
Even pip install ultralytics fails for me.

that would be enough for a single workspace only

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