Physical device with flutter

I want to connect my physical device to debug my app is there any way to do that? The emulator provided is a bit odd and it does not show the looks of apps properly(as it has dimensions of a tab squarish) and you have also closed the ios emulator . I don’t know when it will be back so I want to use my physical device until then

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That is on our list of capabilities to support, but we don’t have anything to share currently. In the interim, are you able to use Firebase App Distribution (Firebase App Distribution) to send your app to a physical device?


Taking of devices and emulators (let me know if I should post this in a different forum/thread :grinning:)…

Since firebase has device streaming which allows us to connect and run emulators… Would it be possible to have that functionality built into idx??

I feel this might help address lots of people’s questions about the emulators and being limited to just one…

Just a thought…

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That is actually something that we are exploring @Srivats_Venkataraman. Nothing official I can comment on in terms of a technical solution, but our long-term goal is to give IDX users a way to preview their apps across a more representative sample of devices and preview surfaces than what we have today.

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