Request to Open Source the Original vscode Extension "monospace" Source Code

I am writing to express my interest in the vscode extension “monospace,” developed by Google for Project IDX. As an enthusiast of open-source software and a user of vscode, I believe that open-sourcing “monospace” would greatly benefit the developer community.

Given that “monospace” is written in webpack, it holds substantial potential for developers working on web development workflows. By making its source code publicly accessible, Google would not only enhance transparency but also empower developers worldwide to contribute to and improve the extension.

I kindly request that you consider releasing the source code of the “monospace” vscode extension under an open-source license. This initiative would align well with Google’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the developer community.

Could you please provide information on the necessary steps or any prerequisites required for the community to access and contribute to the “monospace” extension? Additionally, if there are specific licensing considerations or guidelines to be aware of, I would appreciate receiving that information as well.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your response and hope to see “monospace” become a valuable open-source tool for developers everywhere.

Hi manish! Thanks for the note. We currently don’t have plans to open source our extensions in the near term. Just out of curiosity - what are you looking to use the open source version of this extension for?

Thank you for your response. I understand that there are no immediate plans to open source the “monospace” vscode extension. I appreciate your consideration nonetheless.

Regarding my interest in an open-source version of the extension, I’m looking to create a basic browser preview tool that can emulate the functionality of web preview but with enhanced capabilities. Specifically, I aim to address CORS headers errors commonly encountered in IDX frameworks by automatically generating an Access Token for Authorization Bearer and seamlessly integrating it into the preview environment. This would ensure a smoother user experience without authentication obstacles during development.

If there are any insights or alternative approaches you could share to achieve similar functionality within the existing ecosystem, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you once again for your attention to this matter. I look forward to any further advice or suggestions you may have.