VIM extension not working in HTML files

VIM is working great for me in my python files. However, when I work on HTML in the same project, VIM becomes buggy to the point of being unusable.

I don’t know why there would be different behavior between different file types/languages.

Quick update to this. If I change the file type to react jsx, and then back to HTML, it seems to work (For the time being).

EDIT: This was coincidental. The problem is intermittent. When it occurs, it never seems to work again until I reload/refresh the IDX page. The escape button seems to stop working (I can’t get back to normal mode in vim - back into normal mode).

Another followup, this appears to be related to the browser that I’m using. The escape key stops working as expected and of course messes with VIM (And it becomes unusable). I am developing in a Quest 3 on the Fluid browser/app.

The problem only seems to exist on that browser and not any other browsers I’m testing with.

This issue can be closed.

@Justin_Emilio - that is great to hear! Just to help us potentially document the workaround, can you share which browser it wasn’t working well in?


Hi @kirupac ,

The browser is called Fluid. It’s an AR/VR browser on the Meta Quest 3. I believe it is Chromium based, but can’t be 100% sure just yet.

I’m actually working with the devs of that app to see if we can get it resolved.

Ah! That is really cool. Software development in AR/VR is not something we had thought about deeply. Time to change that :slight_smile: