Can't hear audio/sound from android emulator

I can’t hear sound from the android emulator, check’d settings>sound> media volume is set to max.

As a test, I started the built-in YouTube app and played a video, no sound…

I can hear sound from the web emulator.

Does the android emulator have a sound/audio issue?

I’m on win 10, chrome


Having this same issue, and haven’t found any documentation on it.
Gemini says that it should work - although maybe its platform dependent?
I’m using chrome on Mac. Going to try chrome on pc -

Android emulator via idx audio not working on windows 11 chrome either.

Can you please file a bug on this in our issue tracker? This seems like something we’ll need to dig into a bit deeper!

The Android emulator for idx Sound is still not working. I am using Firefox browser on Fedora OS.

give it a +1 , please

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