Community template register

It would be nice if user can upload their own template, that could be shared to other user, as there are countless framework, IDX could never have template for all of them.
(and it should be moderated)

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Hey Sunny!

We totally agree. I don’t think we’re ready to show them in our templates dashboard but would you be interested in a GitHub repo with “Open in IDX” buttons for each template?

Huh, that would be nice! If would also be amazing if we can have a centralized GitHub repo with all template, so people can choose to open pull request to add new template.


Hang tight! I’m working on something.


Nice! I assume this is what you’re working on?
This is amazing, the level of configurability is perfect. But, I do wish we can have a internal registry for template, one that is built in into IDX, so we don’t have to search for template on GitHub.
(or maybe a UI inside IDX that allow us to search for template on GitHub?)