Connect node + firestore + service account

How to config service account at workspace IDX for connect node with google firestore and read and write data.

At local enviroment this procedure is export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS

You can do the same in IDX… download the service account from firebase and then you can drag and drop the file in you idx workspace and use the path to load the service account just like you would in local

Thanks, i have a questions. If i draw the file, this file is new at the repository, so if i keep the repsitory and the workspace ok i would be commit at file, it is bad practice.

you need to added it to gitignore file and commit. If you share the workspace then better to delete it and have other devs in your team upload there own copy

thanks, i add the dev.nix file at the root and the configuration is

env = {
GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS = “/home/user/project/key.json”;

But i have the error:

        href="//"><span aria-label="Google" role="img"><img alt="" src="//"></span></a>
    <p><b>401:</b> The Workstation does not exist or your currently signed in account does not have access to it.
        &lt;eye3 title=&#39;/Workstations.GetWorkstation, PERMISSION_DENIED&#39;/&gt;
        &#39;workstations.workstations.get&#39; denied on