Flutter ios directory

Thank you for your dedication and effort. I understand that the iOS simulator is currently paused, and I share the hope that it will return, as it is a significant feature that attracted me to IDX. However, my current concern is the missing iOS directory in the Flutter project. I’m wondering how to configure iOS-specific settings if needed later on.

Hello! so you wanna make the ios directory?

It’s quite simple,
1- open the terminal in IDX.
2- make sure that you are in the root of the project.
3- type the following command:

flutter create --project-name YOUR_PROJECT_NAME --org com.yourorg .

but the --project-name and --org are optional and used to change the project name and bundleId and packageName for your app, if you don’t want to change it, simply use:

flutter create .

and you’re good to go!