How can i create a custom backend project using framework that dont exist in templates?

i want to create a backend project using a framework that isn’t available in the framework templates list like rails

I would try using the “import from repo” and use a template on github for rails or whatever other framework. Then you can further customize the exact necessary packages you need using the .idx/dev.nix file in the workspace. I think you may need to create the .idx folder and dev.nix file yourself.

I haven’t tried this myself, but it will at least be a good starting point. In theory, you should be able to get almost anything working since you have full control over the workspace packages.

  1. Use the blank template to get started: Project IDX
  2. Start customizing the dev.nix file with the packages you want to install
  3. Look at existing templates for inspiration and/or post your questions here if you get stuck
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thanks for the replies, i tried putting the necessary packages in dev.nix file after doing both importing from repo and creating blank templates at some point I need to install all the necessary packages that I need to work with rails using ‘gem install’ or ‘bundle install’ the problem is I get an error something along the lines of “failed to build native extensions” which can be resolved with “sudo apt install build-essentials” that itself is a problem, I would appreciate if idx team added rails template, or if there are other workarounds I appreciate that too

Supporting Rails is something we are considering adding a default template for! Please upvote this entry in UserVoice to help us keep track:


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