How do I work with a Spring Boot project in IDX

How to install java in iDX and get started with working in a spring boot based project in project IDX

Are you looking to also have your app’s UI appear inside IDX?

Hi @thisisvigneshdev

Please take a look at the answer I gave here: Create Java Project on Project IDX - #2 by Vova

Hope it helps.

Yes @kirupa. I also want the UI inside IDX

I had tried this @Vova, The Problem is that I can’t be able to find where the port is exposed. I don’t know in which address the server is loaded

Hi @Vova, is it possible to connect a local database to a project in IDX? Or is there another way to set up the connection for the project?

Hi @vinay_kumar , indeed it is, we’ve recently added support for a couple of databases in IDX, for example see

Once you’ve enabled it, you will have to configure it yourself though, i.e. create database users, permission and schema. Let me know if it works for you, thanks