IDX Error [Bus error (core dumped)] and bash: Input/output error

I’m currently building an application in Flutter and I’ve made significant progress, nearing completion at around 90%. However, when attempting to commit my work to GitHub, I encountered an error stating “Bus error (core dumped)”. This issue isn’t limited to just Git commands; I’m encountering similar errors with all commands. For instance, I received an error message like this: “bash: /google/idx/builtins/bin/clear: Input/output error”.

This error is preventing me from generating the build file for my application, severely hindering progress. Any guidance on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi @Priyanshu_Kumar - welcome to the forums.

I haven’t encountered that error before (and I thought I had hit them all!). I found this post on StackOverflow that highlight a few suggestions to fix this problem:

Have you tried any of them?