Kotlin and KMP using IDX

Hello, I’m very pleased to greet you all.
My question is as follows: Gemini indicates to me that IDX is compatible with Kotlin when starting a new project and selecting the Kotlin template, which is not available on the web. Is there any way to “get ahead” on work for a KMP app using IDX?
If not, does anyone know if this feature is planned in the short term?

Best wishes.

I think there are no template for Kotlin because VSCode doesn’t really have a good Kotlin support (due to the lack of official kotlin language server), but if you really want to, add


to your dev.nix file, but you’ll have to try and find a good extension that add Kotlin support

I got something working. I’ll try this on android template later (edit: apologies, I have no idea how to create a Koltin android project without android studio, but you can probably generate one with android studio then upload it onto IDX, maybe)

  packages = [
    pkgs.jdk # OR (maybe) pkgs.temurin-bin
  idx = {
    extensions = [

thank you so much. I’m going to do tests starting from this point