Pygame/PySimpleGUI setup help

How do I set up pygame and PySimpleGUI to use in my projects? For desktop apps. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think it’s possible, I think only android and web preview are possible currently. If you really want to use pygame/PySimpleGUI and can’t do it locally, you can try out replit.

I can run pygame and PySimpleGUI locally and replit isn’t the best for bigger projects like I’m doing. I tried using nix to set it up I want but it keeps crashing.

Sadly, you don’t get to access any actual GUI from the host server in Project IDX. From what I know, even the code editor run on your browser, so I don’t think a GUI like Pygame would work.

Okay! I’ll wait when support for pygame and pysimplegui is supported. Thank you!

Yes, @Sunny is correct. There are solutions here that we have prototyped around streaming native UI to the browser, but they aren’t in a state where we can share even an early preview of them for. This is something that will likely be a part of our future roadmap.


I can’t wait for that enter early preview!

I would also be excited to have native GUI streaming, if it is ever implemented please do implement it for flutter desktop as well, thanks!

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Absolutely! Flutter Desktop would be one of our highest priority targets :slight_smile:

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