Can't test Stripe with IDX since there is a redirect on the public URLs IDX uses

And stripe marks those as a failure: Webhooks: what to do when the HTTP status code starts with a three (3xx) : Stripe: Help & Support

Hi @treeder , iiuc the reason you see a redirect is because IDX does not support unauthenticated http(s) access to services running on your IDX workspace. To make it work you will have to configure stripe webhook url by adding an access token query parameter to the webhook url, e.g. like the following:<ACCESS_TOKEN>.

To get the access token, please read this blog post. Namely you can generate it by running the “Generate access token” command in the IDE.

Please let me know if it helps, thanks


I’m sure that will work, but I see that the token only lasts for one hour. Which means I would have to change the webhook URL every hour, not a very optimal dev experience.

Any chance you’ll be adding unauthenticated requests sometime soon? All the other cloud IDE’s I’ve used have this.

Not work with github OAuth login

@Vova I tried accessing my API using this access token method from a client app (browser), but even then I’m getting cors errors.

I think you need to solve this problem before IDX can be used as a proper dev environment. I can’t imagine anyone willing to change URLs every hour AND add some extra cors hacks to their code to try to get around the cors issue.