WebSocket Backend supported? Status 503

Is it possible to use WebSockets with the backend ports?

I’m currently trying to connect to a WebSocket hosted by a Node.js IDX project from a Flutter IDX project. However, I’m encountering an issue where the connection gets instantly disconnected. The backend does register that the client was connected, but only for a brief moment.

Additionally, when I attempt to connect using Insomnia/Postman from my laptop, I receive a “503 Service Unavailable” error and experience the same behaviour.

Could this indicate that WebSockets are not yet supported, or is there another potential issue at play here?

Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

I think it is because the all hosted server on IDX require authentication of some sort, check this comment out.

Thanks for the reply. The answer seems to be a bit older.
I tried the access token as bearer like described in the updated blog post but I‘m still ending in a 503

May I ask what … library? module? you used to create a websocket on Node.js (sorry, not too well-versed in js)

I‘ve got the whole code here: Hastebin

The libary is „ws“ ws - npm

Sorry, I have no idea. But have you considered using WebSocketServer instead?
Check the examples in

I have now started the entire code once locally and was able to access it without any problems. I have tried to IDX both the access token as URL parameter and also as bearer token but got no result except a 503.

So the websocket server implementation is not the problem.