How to Test API if server is running on idx

i have been working on spring-boot project on idx, but when i run the server and try to test the api url using idx mapped url i cannot access the server through postman

i get some 401 unauthorized response

here is the response

Error: Not authorized

401: The Workstation does not exist or your currently signed in account does not have access to it. <eye3 title='/Workstations.GetWorkstation, PERMISSION_DENIED'/> APPLICATION_ERROR;;Permission 'workstations.workstations.get' denied on 'projects/monospace-4/locations/asia-east1/workstationClusters/workstation-cluster-3/workstationConfigs/monospace-config-web/workstations/idx-journalapp-1719867072765';AppErrorCode=7;StartTimeMs=1719952742994;unknown;Deadline(sec)=10.0;ResFormat=uncompressed;ServerTimeSec=0.237198533;LogBytes=256;Non-FailFast;EffSecLevel=privacy_and_integrity;ReqFormat=uncompressed;ReqID=b83ebb99a9d8989a;GlobalID=0;Server=[2002:a05:6d10:f7c3:b0:9c0:c909:e40e]:4002

if anyone else faced this issue and solved this plase help me too. i’m new to this platform

Try read this post Full-stack development in Project IDX on “Server-side testing without a login” section.