Feature request: Revert / Reset dev.nix

Not sure where to post this, but i’d like a button in the dashboard that resets the dev.nix file to default, ensuring a succesfull boot.
It would be cooler to have a ‘revert to last succesfull boot’ function as well, but consider that a separate feature request.

Reason is that i’m having a idx project with code that I can’t reach anymore due to a problematic update to my dev.nix. (cypress package added)

Hi @Rik - these are both great ideas and one that we do want to tackle in the near future. In the interim, are you able to create a new project and copy/paste the dev.nix file from a working project to get your environment working again?


I’m stuck since the workspace doesn’t load anymore. Due to the dev.nix in place.

Hi Rik, can you share your workspace id with us please? workspace id should be in the url when you try to open a workspace


I have multiple workspace that is also stuck in a unloadable state due to changes in dev.nix. Similar to Rik’s idea, it would be nice if the “Launch recovery” can be used, even if the system did not detect any error. Thanks!

Thanks for the report. We’ve found a bug in our recovery flow - we are working on a fix.