Problem is refreshing every 2 minutes main coding page why?

Hi everyone , is it possible refreshing main coding page manually ?

Is IDX itself reloading? Or is it your web preview? What kind of project are you building?

I tried IDX a couple of weeks ago creating a Laravel Project, a lot of issues with setting run dev and this refreshing issue also happened, I don’t think it was every 2 minutes, I think it was even often and it just refresh all the editor, not the live preview, it was so annoying I stopped.

@Cesar_Couto - sorry to hear that. We need to figure out what is going on here so that you and the others who have mentioned this aren’t continuing to see this.

Can you please share the name of one of your workspaces? (It’s the identifier after your URL). I’d like to have the team investigate to see if there is anything we can tell from our logs.


I think it’s archived at this moment for the lack of use.

Thanks! Can you please share the workspace with me as well? You can do that via the … button on the right of your workspace listing on the “recent workspaces” list.

Email address is


Hi, Kirupa, i used Flutter app , but now days it is ok , with refreshing

I’ve shared with you, I haven’t tested this for weeks now as I got demotivated by that and also another issues with the Laravel workspace not being easy to setup so until these are working I really don’t have a use for IDX unfortunately. The basics must be working :slight_smile:

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Can you let me know your workspace ID? We don’t have it setup to notify the person you shared a workspace with! It’s on our list :grin:

For Larvel, we shipped a template to make it easier to get up and started with it! Not sure if you’ve seen that yet. You can look at the dev.nix file that was created with it to see how we set it up.