Update the cane version of Nix os

Please I want help, I want to update the channel of the Nix file but I don’t know how, can someone explain to me how to do it? To upgrade to the latest.

Supposedly, in dev.nix changing to

channel = "stable-24.05";

Should in theory work, but it doesn’t work, so Google might have to update something on their side.

Gracias por el consejo, ya lo intente pero cambiar el canal y no funciona, a la final tome la de usar el unstable por necesidad a una actualización de un paquete. Pero gracias por la ayuda

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My apologies for not being helpful, I sure hope Google update their nix channels soon.

Unfortunately, no - it won’t be easy to upgrade the version of Nix currently. Supporting self-serve version switching is something that @Vova and team will be exploring in the near future.

The short-term solution is for IDX to officially migrate to this new version, which we will do soon. No ETA yet.

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