IDX reloading Randomly

Why IDX reloading randomly and it is so frustrating? I really waiting for its stable release.

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Hi @Muhammad_Ijaz - what kind of project are you working on?

I’m having this issue as well. Playing around with the React native + Google maps typescript template.

It started when I used the terminal to npm in supabase and stripe

Does it happen consistently, or is it random?

@kirupa I’ve faced the same issue. was working with a react app, idx reloads randomly but very often

I have been facing this issue since the beginning also, tested on edge, chrome.
after every reload the terminals even get vanished but processes those were running don’t stop.

Has anyone figured out why this keeps happening?

The same thing happened to me. The only thing I could think of is our unstable connection possibly? I have stable wifi but the only thing that would make it reload is perhaps a dis/reconnection

Facing the same issue with nextjs template, does anyone knows a solution for this?