Infinite Loading Error in IDX Google

Error Description:

When attempting to enter a project in IDX Google, the application remains in an infinite loading state. During this time, the screen displays the message “Setting up workspace” without progressing or allowing access to the project.


  • Displayed Message: “Setting up workspace”
  • Observed Behavior: The application does not complete loading and does not allow access to the project’s content.
  • Impact: Users cannot work on their projects, causing interruptions and potential delays.

Steps to Reproduce the Error:

  1. Open the IDX Google application.
  2. Attempt to enter any project.
  3. Observe that the application remains loading with the message “Setting up workspace”.

Hi @Afthedark - which template are you using to start IDX with?


My friend had this exact same problem when trying to access IDX for the first time, it turns out after looking at the dev tools it was a CORS problem. He was using disable CORS extension for Chrome, disabling it resolve the issue.

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