Project IDX Pricing

I haven’t come across any information about pricing on this forum or in the documentation. Does anyone know if I can use IDX without concerns about my Google Cloud billing? Will Project IDX have charges in the future?


I have the same question. For example, yesterday everything was so sluggish. Gemini didn’t work at all, even the simplest prompt ended up with the scrolling wheel and I have Gemini Advanced, so I reckon that at some point there will be a price tag on IDX.

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deep question :smiling_face_with_tear:
And in the last time IDX is very slow

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The goal is to have the core IDX experience be available at no-cost. In the future, if you want extra capabilities like more powerful VMs or some extra special capability, those may be available for a charge. This is all theoretical, for we are not actively thinking about making any changes.

As for the slowdowns and speed, those are unrelated! We will see whether there was a large spike in traffic or something that caused this sluggishness, but my 10 second look at our logs doesn’t show anything problematic.

If you are still seeing slowdowns, do create a new thread with your workspace ID and we can dive deeper into it.



agreed. For example, it’s been a week or so that Gemini doesn’t work at all. Incredibly frustrating :frowning:

Do you have any idea why Gemini gets stuck on “Generating…” and it never ends? BTW I have Gemini advanced, but it doesn’t seem to apply to IDX, huh… :frowning:

In case others are in this post wondering the same thing, we can have them follow this post:

Gemini IDX stopped working a week ago, or so - #9 by Ariston


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