Can't access Gemini - "Error reaching Gemini in IDX"

Hi @Aum - are you still seeing this issue? Or was that temporary?

(cc @ali )


I’m still seeing the issue. Could it be because of an age limit? Gemini works fine for me on the app/web.

I have a personal account (17 years old) in Australia, I don’t think it should be an issue.

@Aum you are correct, to use the AI assistive features in IDX, you have to be 18 or older (Project IDX 其他計畫限制和免責事項  |  Google for Developers)

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I can’t reach Gemini. Haven’t been able to the last 10 days.

@jaa90 - does going to work for you?

Hi kirupa. I can chat with Gemini at so that works just fine. If i recall correctly I was able to use IDX Gemini when I just opened my first IDX project but not anymore.

However inline is working for me.